A4 Covers


Are you sick of having to cover piles of school books at the beginning of each school year?

I know with 4 school aged children myself, I dread this aspect of back to school.

Then, I discovered Got It Covered School book covers.




Space for Name and Subject.

Available in a great range of designs to suit boys and girls in all age groups and in 3 sizes.

***FREE POSTAGE Australia Wide***

Size 21.5cm x 30.5cm.

Note - these are covers for the taller exercise books most commonly used by schools.

A4 School Book Cover - GRUNGE SKATE
Product ID : A4BCGS
A4 School Book Cover - RUSSIAN DOLLS
Product ID : A4BCRD
A4 School Book Cover - BALLOON ANIMALS
Product ID : A4BCBL
A4 School Book Cover - CAROUSEL
Product ID : A4BCCAR
A4 School Book Cover - SURFING GORILLA
Product ID : A4BCFM
A4 School Book Cover - PEACE BABY
Product ID : A4BCPB
A4 School Book Cover - EGYPTIAN
Product ID : A4BCEG