Cheeki Protein Shakers

Cheeki Protein Shakers

Guaranteed the best looking Shakers on the market

Shake your way to health, in style and in steel.

Cheeki Stainless Steel Protein Shaker is the perfect bottle to mix up pre-exercise and post-exercise supplements and many other healthy drinks (and not so healthy yummy treats like chocolate milkshakes!) Perfect for protein and weight loss shakes. Shakers have embossed markings for easy measuring and comes with a stainless steel mixing ball.

Cheeki Shakers are manufactured from 304 Premium Grade Stainless Steel with no inside lining, toxic free ink and BPA-Free parts. No more smelly plastic shakers!

Simply measure your water, milk or juice right in the shaker, with graded embossed measurements from 100ml to 400ml and 4oz to 12oz, visible from the inside and from the outside. Add your supplement, snap the lid closed, and with the 6cm spring inside, shake until the contents are mixed.

 All components are easily cleaned with warm soapy water, including the spring, ready for your next shake.

  • BPA Free
  • Manufactured from premium 18/8 304 food grade stainless steel
Cheeki 750ml Protein Shaker - Fitness
Best looking Shakers on the market. Perfect for protein shakes, milkshakes...