Light Pads

Our light cloth pads have an inner core of one layer of bamboo/organic cotton fleece down the middle. You have the option of having your pad made with or without a layer of waterproof PUL. 

They have with wings which fasten with plastic snaps to hold them in place. 

Light menstrual pads are suitable for light flow.

Measures 21cm x 7 cm when folded.

We recommend you wash your cloth pads with a chemical free option such as soap nuts. After all there is no point adding chemicals to your pads!


Light Flannel Pad - STARS
Product ID : LFPBS
Light Cotton Pad - RAINBOW DOTS
Product ID : LFPLD
Light Cotton Pad - FROG
Product ID : LCPFG
Light Flannel Pad - BIRDCAGE
Product ID : LFPBC
Light Flannel Pad - MONKEYS
Product ID : LFPRB
Light Flannel Pad - BLUE SPOTS
Product ID : LFPBSP
Light Flannel Pad - WHITE
Product ID : LFPWHT
Light Bamboo Pad - GOLD LEAF
Product ID : LBPGL