Save money and time when you’re on the go, with Sinchies food pouches.

Fill your reusable food pouches with healthy homemade goodness, baby food, yoghurt, jelly, purees and much more.

Using Sinchies reusable food pouches is not only kind on the environment but will also save you money compared buying the pre filled squeezies.

Sinchies allow you to feed your children healthier, additive and preservative free food whilst on the run, out and about or at school!
Sinchies Spare Standard Lids x 4
Product ID : SSSL4
Sinchies 200ml Food Pouch Pack of 5
Product ID : S200FPP5
Sinchies 1 lLitre Food Pouch Pack of 2
Product ID : S200FP5
Sinchies 80ml Food Pouch Pack of 5
Product ID : S80FP5